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Concerted efforts needed to curb road accidents

ROAD accidents are fast becoming a menace in this country as many innocent lives continue to perish unabated on our roads. To make matters worse, the bulk of such accidents are due to human error and they are preventable.

Though the police and other stakeholders in the recent past has managed to reduce accidents in the country, the cat seems to be out of the bag once again with an increase in fatal accidents claiming huge numbers of people.

And, Mbeya Region has become notorious for accidents after a recent one that saw 20 people dying and over 40 being injured. With the situation slowly deteriorating, President John Magufuli was left without an option but to cut the tail of the social anomaly before it grew longer.

This saw heads rolling, with some significant changes being made to ministries and other key areas. But, the heat that the President lit, has been felt by the police force, whose leader, the Inspector General of Police (IGP) Simon Sirro swiftly moved in to conduct a mini-reshuffle of Regional Police Commanders (RPCs).

According to a statement availed to the media by Police Spokesperson, Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Barnabas Mwakalukwa, the measure is aimed at addressing the occurrence of fatal road accidents that have been endemic in other regions.

This move is commendable as it will help put on pressure onto the police force and help reduce accidents. The presence of police officer on the road should be done 24 hours to arrest those who willy-nilly flout road regulations as there will be no one looking at them.

It is vital that the police play their role effectively and curb corruption and punishing drivers without favour. Though police officers play a pivotal role in reducing road accidents, they need cooperation from other stakeholders for this to become a reality.

Drivers should always respect road regulations and strive to drive to arrive, while passengers on the other hand have a pivotal role in controlling drivers. Whenever a driver drives recklessly, there is no need to keep quiet until it’s late.

Let everyone play his or her part and make Tanzania a road accident free country.

THERE is a lot to do for Tanzanian athletes ...

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