Members recall Manji to Yanga bandwagon

YOUNG Africans members have agreed to bring back their resigned chairman, Yusuf Manji in a club’s annual meeting held at Police Officers’ Mess in Dar es Salaam yesterday. Besides landing back Manji who resigned in May last year, the members’ meeting also formed a ten-man committee to supervise registration of players and other crucial matters in the club.

Speaking to the media after the meeting, the club’s secretary general, Charles Mkwasa said reinstating Manji came as directives from the Minister for Information, Culture, Arts and Sports, Harrison Mwakyembe insisting the club to fill all management posts within a two-month period after several key officials tabled resignations. The members ominously agreed to bring back Manji, the Chairman who also served as the club’s sponsor.

According to Mkwasa, the members have also okayed transformation in the management and membership shareholding system. The exercise is being chaired by advocate Alex Mgongolwa.

Speaking prior to the meeting opening, Mwakyembe commended Yanga for their big achievements in local and international sports arena, but ordered the management to ensure they hold a mini election within two months so that the club management becomes intact. However, Mwakyembe warned Yanga to have good management team that can register quality players who will bring back the club to the glorious era.

“If you succeed as Yanga, I also succeed as the government.. you are supposed to have members who can help the team advance from this transitional period to the desired level,” he said. Additionally, Mwakyembe has called members who oppose transformation in the club to attend the meeting in order to speak in public everything they see not perfect in the club.

He said if the transformation opponents cannot manage to attend the meeting, they are free to visit him at his office. The meeting was also attended by Minister of State, President’s Office, Public Service Management and Good governance George Mkuchika who held a private meeting with Yanga leaders under Clement Sanga prior to the main meeting. Also attended the meeting was the Director of Sports, Yusuph Singo, the Election Committee’s Chairman, Judge John Mkwawa, and the members of the club’s Executive Committee and the secretary general, Charles Mkwasa.

Manji joined Yanga in 2006 as a sponsor under auspice of his Lotto Kitita. He later became the chief sponsor before being elected the club’s chairman. Clement Sanga, who was the club’s Vice Chairman replaced Manji as the chairman YUSUF Manji thereafter.

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