Oljoro team goes public, now Arusha Utd

THE National Service (JKT) army wing of Oljoro, Arusha has jettisoned its soccer club and now the team goes ‘public,’ in addition to assuming new name. The former ‘Oljoro JKT Football Club,’ is now going to run under own management with stakes distributed to Arusha residents as the outfit gets a new name.

The team is now known as ‘Arusha United.’ Official statement from the Arusha Football Association (ARFA) has confirmed the move, explaining that since the National Service (JKT) owned a number of football teams, the army was forced to jettison several clubs as per the new International Football Associations Federation (FIFA) requirements.

The ARFA Chairman Peter Temu pointed out that, FIFA rules that a single entity or organisation must own one team only; therefore the National Services has been compelled to wave all its teams into a single club while ditching other teams such as the Arusha-based Oljoro squad.

“The Arusha Regional Administration office will be in charge of the new ‘Arusha United’, team and already various meeting sessions are being conducted to see how the new team can represent Arusha in national sporting fields and events,” said the ARFA Chairman. As for the issue of Pepsi Football Club shifting base from Arusha to Dar es Salaam, Temu had this to say; “Pepsi participated in the Second Division Soccer League (SDL) as a team from Arusha but it seems the owners are no longer capable of managing the club, therefore it was sold off to Dar es Salaam,” he said.

The ARFA chairperson insisted that, his office is yet to be informed about Pepsi’s new owner; “We are demanding an official letter regarding that transaction before we can make a move,” he said.

On his part the ARFA Secretary General Zakayo Mjema said the association has only one task, to supervise clubs and coordinate football matches. “It is upon the teams’ members and leaders to ensure that everything runs smooth within their clubs to avert conflicts and misunderstandings.”

THE Tanzania Football Federation (TFF) ...


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