Support Inter-school games to groom talented athletes

THE national level Inter-Secondary School Games begin early next week in Mwanza involving over 4,000 young athletes from across the country. The games must be taken seriously and well supported by stakeholders of all major sports in the country if the country is to unearth the next generation of future stars.

In the past the inter-school games were on a relatively high level and the clubs took advantage to scout for the most promising players in football, athletics, netball, volleyball and basketball.

So many people from across the country today pay little attention to the competitions and scarcely go to watch the young boys and girls competing. So the best thing is that the all federations assess what is missing for the games to be resurrected and be loved again as was the case a some years ago.

Inter-schools games, or Umisseta as they are popularly known, have produced some of the country’s top football players and athletics. And if you compare the level of the inter-schools competitions of the past with what we have today,

the difference is as clear as between day and night. The teams are not as competitive as before but, most importantly, the organisation leaves so much to be desired, and it’s really a pity.

Which is why the people managing sports in the country need to go back to the drawing board and find out where things are not going right as they used to ten years ago.

You could find that even the students are no longer interested because they see no reason to. Coca-Cola is doing a commendable job by backing the games, most importantly sport gear it provides to every school and a participant.

In countries where they know what it takes to compete at the highest level, athletes start to be prepared from a very young age and Tanzania must not allow to be left behind.

Our athletes are always not ready for the big tournaments because we have not prepared them well enough. If we did, it would help the national teams and we have to have continuity in everything that we do if the country is to be able to survive in this increasingly competitive world.

Only football seems to be interested in the games, but other sports like athletics, basketball and volleyball don’t seem to give its desired attention. It’s high time the Ministry of Information, Culture, Arts and Sports together with Tanzania Olympic Committee devise a plan of having more national athletes picked from schools.

These two institutions need to make sure that individual federations are promoting, developing, encouraging and controlling all forms of sports in Tanzanian schools.

This would undoubtedly have a positive impact on the country’s showing in international competitions; it has worked for other countries, so there is no reason why it would fail for Tanzania. If we start

Author: EDITOR

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