Egypt celebrates Africa Day with Pan Africa in mind

AT the outset, I would like to congratulate all the African peoples and Governments, especially the Egyptian and Tanzanian Peoples, on the occasion of Africa Day which has several meanings, and embodies noteworthy goals achieved through the will and perseverance of all African Peoples.

Dear readers, In Egypt we are keen every year to celebrate such day in order to remember the past and role played by Egypt to help the African peoples to put an end to era of colonization, in this context, it is worth mentioning that all of our African citizens have really suffered, and sacrificed in order to register their glories in history as a precious price for their independence and freedom.

It is also good to note that the Egyptian role had not only confined the above mentioned, But there was a weighty role in establishment of the Organisation of African Unity as well.

Egypt continuously seeks to achieve its African agenda through its membership in Regional and International fora in support of the African peoples ends politically, economically and security.

Despite the end of its membership in the United Nations Security Council (2016-2017) Egypt is still keen to give priority to the African agenda through its chairmanship of the Group of 77 and China which is considered as a largest gathering of developing countries at the International level.

We are very keen to transfer our technical experience to our African brothers and sisters through the Egyptian Agency of Partnership for Development (EAPD), where many training programmes and courses are being offered to all African countries through the EAPD in collaboration with the concerned ministries in Egypt.

The Agency organises and provides technical programmes in many fields such as Defence, Police, Diplomacy, Agriculture, Education, Telecommunication, Trade and Industry, Electricity and Renewable Energy, Civil Aviation, Tourism, Water Management Resources, Judiciary Studies, Modern Irrigation system, along with scholarships offered by University of Al- Azhar. On the other hand, and during the past few years the African orientation of Egypt has fully enhanced and taken new and vital dimensions.

Immediately after His Excellency President El Sisi assumed power in 2014, and he is also giving top priority to all River Nile countries. It is worth mentioning that President El Sisi has attended all African summits.

Besides those summit held with main International Actors, European Union– African Union Summit held in Brussels April 2014, AU-USA Summit held in Washington Aug. 2014, AU– India Summit held in October 2015, African –China Forum held in December 2015, and African–German Summit held last year in Germany. President El Sisi also received many African leaders and high ranking officials during the past few years, not to mention his visits to more than 23 African countries since July 2014 till the end of the last year.

In accordance to the above–mentioned, and under the Egyptian auspices, we hosted the three African Blocks Summit in Sharm El Sheikh June 2015, where document to merge the 3 Blocks together has been officially signed.

Egypt is very keen to revive the Economic / Trade Exchange among the African countries, and to realize it we should have mega infrastructure Projects to help in this domain.

Hence we are working on having soon a navigational shipping line. Linking Port Safaga in Egypt with all East African Ports on the Indian Ocean and of course Dar es Salaam one of these Ports.

We further work on having a navigational line into the River Nile linking Lake Victoria to the Med. Sea. Which is so called VicMed, that has been approved by the Presidential Infrastructure champion Initiative of the NEPAD, and even approved by the COMESA.

Egypt strongly urges all the African countries and the competent authorities to finalise Cairo– Cape Town Highway, which will give a great chance to integrate African Peoples to Each Others.

Dear readers, it should be known that we cherish our African identity.

Which has characterised our historical and cultural landmarks through different ages. We will continue enhancing partnership relations among all African Countries leading to a better future and stronger position for our dear Continent.

  • Source: Mr. Yasser Elshawaf, Ambassador of Egypt to Tanzania.

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Author: Yasser Elshawaf, Ambassador of Egypt to Tanzania

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