New push to unlock new economic opportunities

DODOMA: The government will spearhead the conduction of numerous thorough research projects to explore the availability of potential economic opportunities in key sectors across the country.

The Minister of State in the President’s Office for Planning and Investment, Professor Mkumbo Mkumbo, on Friday informed the National Assembly that the Planning Commission, in collaboration with various key institutions, will carry out this important research according to the established plans.

Under the initiative, Prof Mkumbo explained that the Planning Commission will conduct research in several urban areas, including Tunduma District in the Songwe Region, to identify available economic niches.

“The focus is to determine how different urban centers, including cities, can collaborate to effectively exploit and utilize their economic resources and opportunities to accelerate economic growth,” he stated.

He made this announcement in response to a question from Neema Mwandabila, a Special Seats MP from the CCM party, who wanted to know the government’s plans to ensure that the economic resources and opportunities in Tunduma are fully utilized for the nation’s development.

Prof Mkumbo replied that, in accordance with the Planning Commission policy, section 6 (2), the commission is responsible for researching any relevant issue to ensure that the country meets its national development targets.

He also mentioned that the Planning Commission is well-prepared to coordinate research efforts with various like-minded institutions from the public and private sectors to identify economic opportunities in different areas of the country.

“Therefore, the government, through the Planning Commission, is committed to conducting professional research to identify the economic opportunities that Tunduma city has to offer, in order to unlock initiatives that will effectively utilize these economic resources for the benefit of the national economy,” he added.

In a supplementary question, Ilemela MP Angelina Mabula stated that the Ilemela Municipality has set aside 52 acres in the Nyamongolo area for the establishment of a state-of-the-art Industrial Park.

She mentioned that the designated area has already been equipped with road infrastructure and water, and the proposed draft for the project has been submitted to the relevant authority.

MP Mabula asked when the government plans to start implementing the project, which is expected to create new jobs and promote the use of Information Technology (IT) in the rapidly growing city of Mwanza.

In response, Prof Mkumbo stated that his ministry is working closely with the Ministry of Trade and Industry to expedite the construction of industrial parks in favorable areas throughout the country.

He explained that the implementation of the Industrial Park project in Ilemela Municipality falls under the Export Processing Zones Authority (EPZA) and is currently in a satisfactory stage.

He also mentioned that the ministry will present a customized plan for the construction of industrial parks in the country during the next parliamentary budget session.

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