New push for cashew sector

  • Samia, Nyusi want unified Africa voice to control the global prices

DAR ES SALAAM: PRESIDENT Samia Suluhu Hassan and her Mozambique counterpart Filipe Nyusi have expressed the two countries’ determination to forge relations and agreed to form a union of African cashew producers to have a unified voice in the global market.

The leaders made their commitments during a press conference at the State House in Dar es Salaam yesterday, following bilateral discussions.

President Nyusi is in Tanzania for a three-day state visit. Dr Samia said that the bilateral talks focused on economic issues, emphasizing the shared borders of the two countries and the need for collaboration to enhance their economies.

“We produce cashew nuts, but neither of us controls the global prices,” President Samia said.

“We agreed to form a union to have a unified voice in the market.” She added that when the President of Guinea-Bissau, Umaro Embaló, visited Tanzania, she proposed the idea of forming the union, and he agreed.

The leaders also agreed on increasing production and adding value to cashews to maximize benefits. President Samia stressed the importance of research on the crop and unity among producers.

Before addressing the press, the leaders witnessed the signing of two Memoranda of Understanding (MoUs), to enhance cooperation in health and investment.

“We discussed our trade relations and noted that despite strong political ties, our trade levels are still low.

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Therefore, we agreed to enhance these relations and increase investment,” President Samia stated. They agreed to establish a single customs post at Mtambaswala border on the Tanzanian side and a similar one in Mozambique to facilitate trade.

In 2022, trade between Tanzania Northern Mozambique. He also mentioned the importance of defence and security cooperation, particularly given the long-shared border between Mozambique and Tanzania.

The leaders agreed to strengthen security measures to address challenges such as piracy and to continue collaborating in this critical area.

President Nyusi noted that Tanzania is currently cooperating with SADC through its contingent, whose term is ending soon.

He commended the efforts of SADC and other partners in restoring peace in Northern Mozambique, informing that people are now returning to their villages and resuming agricultural activities. During his visit, which spans from July 1 to July 4,

President Nyusi aims to boost diplomatic and trade relations between Mozambique and Tanzania. This visit is particularly significant as it marks the conclusion of his second presidential term, providing an opportunity to bid farewell to the Tanzanian people.

The timing of the visit is notable as it coincides with the imminent withdrawal of the SADC military mission from Cabo Delgado, scheduled for completion by July 15.

The mission, comprising troops from eight countries, including Tanzania, has been present in the region since mid-2021 to address the ongoing conflict with armed groups.

“Next week, formally, or this week until the end, SAMIM will leave and Tanzania will continue with us on a bilateral basis. Therefore, in addition to deepening relations of cooperation, solidarity and friendship, we are also interested in aligning ourselves a little more on the operational mode in which we will function,” President Nyusi explained.

Despite the withdrawal of SAMIM, President Nyusi emphasized the continued commitment to security and cooperation with Tanzania and other partners like Rwanda.

President Nyusi’s visit also reflects on the broader context of enhancing economic diplomacy and ensuring that Mozambique remains resilient in the face of security challenges, while also focusing on strengthening bilateral relations with Tanzania.

President Samia Suluhu Hassan on her part said currently, Tanzania is cooperating with SADC with its contingent whose term is ending.

Additionally, she commended President Nyusi for his efforts, with the support of SADC and others, in restoring peace in Northern Mozambique.

“He informed us that people are now returning to their villages and agricultural activities are resuming.” President Samia noted

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