New milestone recorded in Tanzania adtech industry

Tanzania’s digital advertising network, Seebait has merged with Eskimi, a deal that marks the beginning a new era of the adtech industry in the country that will simplify the process of running and optimising advertising campaigns and boost the combined capabilities of both platforms.

Business Development Director at Eskimi, Vita Pumputiene said the merger of Seebait and Eskimi will help advertisers and publishers better plan their online advertising campaigns and implement them more efficiently.

“We bring together global experience from thousands of advertising campaigns, local inventory, vast amounts of data and high-performing ad creatives that will now help Tanzanian brands run unique digital campaigns and bring them closer to hitting their advertising goals,” said Pumputiene.

Moreover, thousands of Tanzanian publishers will be able to monetise their work, and this will enable them to improve their lifestyles.

“Clients are happy to save their time using only one technology instead of preparing several briefs,” noted Pumputiene.

This collaboration of two advertising giants will take Tanzanian digital advertising to another level, allowing brands, agencies, and publishers to adopt the latest global advertising standards and trends and increase the usage of one of the quickest-growing digital advertising channels, programmatic.

Eskimi and Seebait share the same vision of delivering the best value, quality and innovations to digital marketers in Tanzania.

Eskimi is a full-stack programmatic advertising platform helping global brands successfully execute their online advertising campaigns.

For brands and publishers, this collaboration means better access to the necessary data, local and international ad inventory, more accurate targeting options and creative innovations that meet the growing audience’s expectations while helping publishers ensure better advertising experiences for their visitors.

Co-Founder of Seebait Alextair Ofio, added, “We are happy to open up the world to our local publishers. By merging Seebait and Eskimi, we enable our 1029 local publishers to run advertisements from Eskimi, and as a result, they will be able to earn more and keep improving their work and content as well as their lives.

“This is a proud moment for them and for us as a country. We are taking steps in the right direction and keeping up with global technological advancements.” said Ofio.

Seebait is Tanzania’s digital advertising ecosystem with hundreds of sites in its network and nearly 4 million daily impressions across different niches, including entertainment, sports, news, fashion and others.

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