New Kadhi Court Law approved in Zanzibar as Mwinyi signs four legislations

Zanzibar President Dr. Hussein Mwinyi has signed four new laws for the first time, including the Kadhi Court Law of 2023, which repeals the existing Kadhi Court Law of 2017.

Upon signing the laws, Dr. Mwinyi stated that the enactment of these new legislations will remove obstacles to achieving development goals.

The newly signed legislations include the Zanzibar Kadhi’s Court Law, the Public Audit Law, the Investment Law of Zanzibar aimed at attracting investors, and the law stipulating conditions for licensing, control, and supervision of small financial services. The latter law aims to ensure stability, security, and quality in the provision of these services.

“The signed laws underwent various stages, including in-depth research and gathering of opinions from stakeholders in Unguja and Pemba before being presented to the House of Representatives and discussed through a participatory democratic process,” said President Mwinyi during the signing ceremony at the Zanzibar State House on Thursday.

Dr. Mwinyi also emphasized the historical significance of publicly signing all four new laws simultaneously, highlighting that these legislative changes directly address the interests and rights of citizens.

Among the key impacts of the newly signed laws, President Mwinyi highlighted the strengthening of comprehensive systems to oversee all investment activities.

Additionally, there is an expansion in the scope of audit work to encompass national and international levels, aimed at identifying and preventing the misuse of public funds and combating corruption. The laws also address the misuse of systems affecting the implementation of audit tasks.

However, Dr. Mwinyi urged legal institutions to review laws hindering the pace of development in the oil and natural gas sectors.

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