‘New chapter in Zanzibar’s revolutionary journey’

ZANZIBAR: PRESIDENT Samia Suluhu Hassan has emphasised that Zanzibar’s revolutionary journey has only just begun, emphasising the commitment of both the Zanzibar and Tanzanian governments to creating a favourable environment for a successful future.

She expressed her optimism about the transformative path that lies ahead for the people of Zanzibar, highlighting the joint efforts of the governments to ensure sustained growth and development.

“I want to tell you as we mark 60 years the journey of revolution just begins, our promise to you is to create a better environment so that our journey forward is better,” Dr Samia stated during the Zanzibar’s 60th Revolution celebrations.

She added, “We are celebrating our 60th anniversary while on a good journey of development”.

President Samia has also wrote on her official X handle urging Tanzanians to continue working hard and remain steadfast in their commitment to achieving great strides in national development.

She stated that development is a process that takes sweat and blood, thus it is critical for every Tanzanian to understand where the country came from, what its ambitions are and to continue working hard.

“Development is not a solitary path; it is a collective endeavour that necessitates the dedication and hard work of every citizen. We must be cognisant of our history, appreciate where we come from and strive for the goals we have set as a nation,” President Samia wrote on X while celebrating 60th anniversary of the Zanzibar Revolution.

Dr Samia further said the mission of self-governance includes achieving progressive reforms.

President Samia reflected on the remarkable progress made by Zanzibar over the years, citing the transformation of the healthcare sector as a compelling example.

She highlighted the significant strides taken since her time as a student at Lumumba School in 1976, underscoring the tremendous journey from a small clinic called Miwanzini to the inauguration of the Zanzibar Urban West Regional Referral Hospital – Lumumba.

“There are many testimonies of this reform and how much we have made good progress from that time until now. We are all witnesses to these actions,” remarked President Samia.

President Samia, who has a personal connection to the area, shared memories of the small clinic, Miwanzini, that once served the community. She noted that the transformation from a modest clinic to a modern and sophisticated Zanzibar Urban West Regional Referral Hospital – Lumumba represents a monumental and commendable step forward.

“In 1976, I was a student at Lumumba School in Zanzibar. At that time, the area where this new modern hospital was built had a very small clinic called Miwanzini. From that small clinic to where we are today is a big and proud step. In these 60 years, we have made thousands of steps like this,” President Samia reminisced, acknowledging the collective efforts that have shaped the trajectory of development in Zanzibar.

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