Nepotism riles Simbachawene

DAYS are numbered for heads of institutions and human resources managers (HRMs) from the public sectors who entertain nepotism at workplaces.

Not spared in the government’s ire are HRMs who fail to defend and protect their staff in the face of adversaries.

Minister of State in the President’s Office (Public Service Management and Good Governance) George Simbachawene on Wednesday warned that the government will not spare human resources personnel who promote favouritism, saying employees should be rewarded based on their merits.

Mr Simbachawene, who was addressing a working session on Wednesday, observed that such practices were bringing the concept of good governance into disrepute.

The visibly irked minister expressed concerns on why such practices were happening under the noses of the HRMs.

“This has been happening under your watch as you have failed to take action against such individuals,” he said.

According to the Minister, a 2022 study conducted by his office, established that abuse of office, conflict of interests, nepotism, fraud and sexual harassments were a common things among civil servants occupying public offices.

Such practices, according to Mr Simbachawene were derailing and compromising the concept of good governance.

“Let me remind you to assess yourselves and punish all those who go astray lest you face the government’s wrath,” said the Minister.

Mr Simbachawene also talked tough on HRMs who failed to defend and protect their staff when faced with problems.

According to Mr Simbachawene, some employees have been turned into scapegoats while others have been victimized without HRMs attention.

“I’ve been receiving reports and cases of some employees getting mistreated and wonder what you people have been doing.”

The Minister further emphasised that human resources department was responsible for ensuring all employees are provided with a safe working environment.

He equally dressed down Heads of Institutions who oppose transfers of public servants.

“Some of your CEOs and Heads have assumed the role of Demigods, let me remind them that is a Ministry, and they comply with our directives.”

“The yardstick of public service is public interest,” he insisted.

In the same vein, Mr Simbachamwene   challenged HRMs to keep good records of their staff and spare them the hustles, upon retirement.

He said that it was a pity to see the experiences and sufferings that retirees grapple with due to irresponsibility of Human Resources personnel.

“Make sure you start sorting them out in earnest them moment they head to retirement…some retirees die early because of being taken in rounds,” he added.

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