Nepali climber Pandey successfully climbs the highest peak in Africa

ARUSHA: Nepali mountaineer Prakash Raj Pandey has successfully climbed the highest peak of the African
continent. On this October 31, Pandey successfully climbed the “Mount Kilimanjaro” in Tanzania.

Pandey, who is on a mission to complete the Seven Summits by climbing the highest peaks of the
seven continents, left for Tanzania on October 25. “Makalu Outfit” has supported his campaign with
the gears.

Mount Kilimanjaro is the highest peak of the African continent. Located in the dormant volcano
region of Tanzania, this mountain is one of the highest mountains in the seven continents.

Pandey successfully climbed the Kilimanjaro peak on the Tuesday morning 6:40 AM.

Pandey also hoisted the flag of Nepal Scouts, Rotary International and other organizations on the summit of Kilimanjaro in addition to the Nepali national flag.

Pandey said that this campaign is not only for him but also for the whole of Nepal and the Nepalese people, and he expects that his campaign will help in building and expanding Nepal’s diplomatic relations with other countries. He said that the goal is to use this opportunity to promote Nepal’s tourism.

In mountain climbing, completing the “Seven Summit” is considered special. Pandey said that under this campaign, after Kilimanjaro, he will continue to climb the highest mountains of other continents.

Climber Pandey has also climbed Mount Everest, Manaslu, Amadablam and Island Peak, and last June he successfully climbed Mount Elbrus, the highest peak in Europe.

After the climb, Pandey provided sports materials for 75 children and youths aged 2 to 20 years from the Masamaria Children’s Center in Tanzania. Pandey said that during the climb, he decided not only to climb but also as an opportunity to express his gratitude to the local community.

Pandey, who is also a member of Nepal Scouts, has climbed the Baden Powell Scout Peak named after the founder of World Scout Expedition, Baden Powell, twice and has succeeded in helping foreign scouts to successfully climb the mountain.

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