Ndumbaro insist on govt support to golf

THE Minister of Arts, Sports, and Culture, Damas Ndumbaro, has highlighted¬† government’s commitment to investing in golf development following the national team’s success in the recently concluded East African golf competition in Kigali, Rwanda.

Dr Ndumbaro expressed his pride and joy while congratulating the women’s golf team for their remarkable achievements, during his meeting with the national heroes who claimed the East and Central All Africa Challenge title, in Dar es Salaam on Tuesday.

He congratulated the women’s golf team for achieving such great success at the East and Central All Africa Challenge in Rwanda this year.

“These achievements have brought honour and pride to our nation. Our team has demonstrated exceptional skills and expertise in the field of golf. Being the champions of this tournament is not only a great success for the players themselves but also a matter of pride for the entire nation.”

Queen Silake, the President of the Tanzania Ladies Golf Union (TLGU), expressed her honour in representing Tanzania exceptionally well, especially on the women’s side.

“Despite heavy rainfall, we won. The rain was a good test of the resilience and determination of our team. Despite the adverse weather, I am proud to say that the Tanzanian contingent exhibited unwavering strength and dedication throughout the competition.”

“In the opening round, we showcased our prowess by outperforming our competitors, securing a substantial lead of 2 sets. This early advantage was a testament to the hard work, commitment, and preparation put forth by our team in the lead-up to the tournament.”

“This significant victory of the Tanzanian women’s golf team demonstrates their exceptional talent and commitment to the sport, along with the government’s commitment to invest in golf’s development for the benefit of the nation,” Silake narrated.

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