Nchimbi stresses proper spending of funds

BABATI, Manyara: CHAMA Cha Mapinduzi (CCM) Secretary General, Dr Emmanuel Nchimbi, has urged all public servants to use government development funds responsibly and timely rather than hoarding them to create an environment for embezzlement.

He said that public servants with the aim of embezzlements must not keep allocated funds without channeling them to the relevant projects.

Dr Nchimbi said that the government, through President Samia Suluhu Hassan, has been making efforts to collect domestic revenues as well as securing some from outside the country for various developments in local wards, districts and councils solely for the benefit of the citizens.

He made the call over the weekend during a rally held at Babati Town’s old bus station, while listening to and resolving citizens’ grievances in Manyara Region.

“Theft also includes not using public funds for the intended purpose and in a timely manner, but even if you leave them in the bank ignoring their intended uses, you are still a wasteful spender,” he pointed out.

“I call upon all public servants, regardless of their ranks to be concerned about our country’s money, as well as the President, who is doing an excellent job of locating and ensuring that the funds benefit residents,” said Dr Nchimbi.

Furthermore, the CCM Secretary General urged all government leaders to ensure that they participate in resolving citizens’ problems, while considering wisdom and humanity rather than relying solely on the law.

He said that settling people’s disputes can help to reduce the accumulation of cases in courts and also demonstrates love and as well promotes reconciliation among citizens.

“Sometimes sitting with citizens to reconcile them, does not mean that you have resolved their problems completely, but the understanding is important… although one may win the case and get his right in the court, the enmity will persist and the brotherhood will not be restored,” said Dr Nchimbi.

He also reassured Babati Town citizens that the party will continue to oversee all the development projects that have been initiated and completed on time, while urging them to continue to have trust in CCM since it has a great role of maintaining peace and harmony in the country.

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Furthermore, he stressed on the citizens’ patriotic duty to their country, saying: “We have a duty to continue fighting and defending our country at all times, because this is the country that our forefathers, the founders left to us with in unity, peace and solidarity, and it is our job to pass it on to our children.”

For his part, the party’s Publicity, Ideology and Training Secretary Amos Makalla, appealed to the residents of Babati and Tanzanians in general to continue ignoring those, who criticise the development being carried out by the sixth-phase government under President Samia.

“Ignore those who claim that the government has done nothing to bring development to our country, because they do not see and only hold meetings on streets instead of going to the citizens,” said Mr Makalla.

He also urged citizens to continue working hard in their respective areas to support the country’s development efforts and equally called them to turn up in large numbers to register as voters in preparation for the local government and General Elections, to ensure CCM’s victory.

Likewise, he assured the citizens of Manyara that the government and the party will work on all concerns and challenges they have presented. Dr Nchimbi concluded his two-day tour of Manyara Region yesterday and proceed to Arusha Region.

Apart from the Manyara and Singida regions, he will also visit Kilimanjaro Region and conclude the tour in Tanga Region. The visits aim at listening to and resolving citizens’ concerns, as well as assessing the implementation of the party’s 2020- 2025 Election Manifesto.

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