NCD programme reminds public on observing healthy lifestyle

DAR ES SALAAM: AS Tanzania joined the world to mark the World Diabetes Day, the National Non-Communicable Disease (NCD) Programme reminded the public on observing healthy lifestyle.

NCD Programme Manager, Ms Valeria Milinga, said statistics show that the number of diabetic patients has increased in the country, noting that unhealthy lifestyle is the reason for the increase in diabetes among the youths in the country.

She noted this on Tuesday in Dar es Salaam, at an event to mark non-communicable diseases week as it falls on World Diabetes Day.

Ms Milinga said that 30 years ago, out of 100 people, one person had been diagnosed with diabetes, but currently in every 100 people, nine people are diagnosed with diabetes, according to a study conducted 11 years ago.

She said according to the statistics, in 2017, patients treated for NCDs were 2.5 million while in 2021 they increased to 3.4 million, equivalent to 9.4 per cent.

She stated that non-communicable diseases in the country contribute to 33 per cent of deaths, that is out of 100 people, 33 people lose their lives.

Dar es Salaam Mayor, Mr Omar Kumbilamoto asked the Ministry of Health to keep on organising medical camps to offer free medical services because many people cannot afford hospital.

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