NCAA plans electric fence to avert human, wild animal conflicts

KARATU District in Arusha Region is planning to erect a 30-kilometre electric fence around the Ngorongoro Conservation Area, to end human and wild animal conflicts in the area.

Karatu District Commissioner, Dadi Kolimba said recently that the fence will be built in collaboration with Ngorongoro Conservation Area Authority (NCAA)

“In mitigating conflicts between humans and wildlife, NCAA is currently committed to building the electric fence from the main Loduare gate to areas with high public and wildlife interactions along the Ngorongoro Conservation Area,” said Mr Kolimba.

The DC was speaking at a joint meeting between NCAA and the Karatu District Administration.

He said they have agreed with NCAA to put in place strategies to combat the endangered wildlife that lurk on farms and habitats.

“Apart from the fence, the strategy also involves creating beehives to control wild animals like elephants and educating the community around the area to know best ways of protecting themselves from wild animals,” he said.

The Karatu District Executive Director (DED), Juma Hokororo said the council is committed to providing equipment for the district’s rangers and wildlife experts to work with NCAA Officers to educate the public on correct ways of protecting themselves.

NCAA Deputy Conservation Commissioner, Mr Elibariki Bajuta said the meeting was part of implementation of the government’s strategy through the Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism to meet with the management of the surrounding parks and jointly work together to develop strategies to manage the challenges posed by the wildlife.

Mr Bajuta noted that cooperation between the NCAA and the surrounding community is essential to securing the resolution of the disputes.

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