NBC partners Azam, Twiga Stars players to run clinic

PREMIER League sponsors, National Bank of Commerce (NBC) has introduced a captivating sports programme for children called the ‘NBC Chanua Account Football Clinic.’ The remarkable initiative aims to cultivate young talent and form a crucial part of the bank’s overarching strategy to promote football in the country.

The project’s introduction event took place over the weekend at the Aga Khan grounds along Sam Nujoma Road in Dar es Salaam, where an array of stakeholders, parents and their children gathered to join forces with star players from the illustrious Azam.

Among the star players present were Prince Dube, Abdul Suleiman ‘Sopu’, Lusajo Mwaikenda and Iddi Selemani Nado. The presence of Stumai Abdallah and Fatuma Issa, two exceptional talents from the Twiga Stars women’s national team, added an extra layer of excitement to the event.

As a testament to their commitment to talent development, the bank also graciously donated 30 balls to the Magnet youth academy.

During discussions about the programme, NBC Marketing Manager, Alina Kimaryo expressed that it stands as a testament to the bank’s ardent endeavours to elevate football as a sport while simultaneously creating employment opportunities within the realm of sports.

“NBC’s current strategy revolves around transforming the sports sector into a thriving source of employment. Our journey began with the sponsorship of the NBC Premier League and we subsequently expanded our support to the captivating Championship League.

Through our groundbreaking NBC Chanua Account Football Clinic programme, we endeavour to nurture the talents of our youngest aspiring athletes,” elaborated Kimaryo.

“In addition to designing tailored training programmes for the young participants, we will keep bringing together star players from various clubs in the country to serve as a wellspring of inspiration for these burgeoning athletes. Our aim is to bolster their skills, enhance their technique and ignite their passion for the game,” she passionately added.

Kimaryo also highlighted the comprehensive nature of the programme, emphasising that it will not only provide children aged six to thirteen with elite training but also impart invaluable financial education, with a special focus on the importance of savings.

Furthermore, parents will also receive guidance on optimal child-rearing practices, covering vital aspects such as proper nutrition, the significance of physical exercise, recognising and nurturing their children’s talents and understanding the stages of their children’s development.

During the event, players who took part in the Clinic expressed their elation and extended their congratulations to NBC for bringing them together with children, with whom they could share their knowledge of sports techniques and most importantly, inspire a continued love for sports alongside their academic studies. Recognising the synergy between education and athletics, the players emphasised the importance of nurturing both aspects in children’s lives.

“We are very happy today and we congratulate NBC for bringing us together with children whom we were able to play with, teach them some sports techniques and more importantly, inspire them to continue loving sports along with their studies because education and sports can go hand in hand,” said one of the players, Abdul Suleiman ‘Sopu’.

Parents, too, are an important pillar in the bank’s new initiative, with the aim of shifting their perceptions and instilling a greater respect for their children’s talents. Many parents who attended the event alongside their youngsters expressed their admiration for the programme’s comprehensive coverage of key areas that benefit children, such as sports, financial education and saving, health and child-rearing.

Additionally, the programme creates a unique platform for parents and children to come together and enjoy the company of their favorite players from the NBC Premier League.

This visionary initiative from NBC is a testament to the bank’s steadfast commitment to promoting the football sport in the country while empowering young minds and supporting their holistic growth.

As the programme is set to occur at least four times a year, it is a promising and exciting endeavour that seeks to foster a generation of exceptional athletes, both on and off the field.

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