NBC introduces health insurance scheme to farmers

LINDI: THE National Bank of Commerce (NBC), in partnership with Assemble Insurance Tanzania, has launched a health insurance service for farmers.

Through the new health insurance plan, farmers and their families can obtain coverage for an annual premium of 450,000/-.

The launch event took place in Lindi region, where the bank also introduced its campaign, focusing on promoting sesame farming in Lindi and the Mtwara’s districts of Masasi and Nanyumbu respectively.

Lindi Regional Administrative Secretary, Ms Zuwena Omary, when gracing the event told farmers in the two regions to tap the opportunity.

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“Many health insurance providers have failed to go to the grassroots and develop user-friendly systems to reach people like farmers. NBC’s proximity to the farming community, through various banking services, will allow them to implement this plan more effectively,” she said.

She urged farmers to seize the opportunity.

Additionally, she said she was pleased with the “Shinda Mechi Zako Kinamna Yako na NBC Shambani’’ campaign that also educates farmers on financial matters. In a related development, the RAS urged leaders of local cooperative societies to assist the government in overseeing the control of free agricultural inputs provided by the government.

NBC’s Head of the Strategy Unit Msafiri Shayo said the scheme as well as the sesame farming campaign are part of the financial institution’s response in supporting the government’s efforts to strengthen the health and agriculture sectors through innovative financial services.

“Farmers nationwide will have access to affordable health coverage through the ‘Shinda Mechi Zako Kinamna Yako na NBC Shambani’’ campaign,” Mr Shayo said.

In attendance, TANECU and MAMCU Cooperative Union chairpersons, Mr Hamis Chipola and Mr Azam Mfaume respectively, expressed gratitude for the bank’s initiatives, emphasizing the importance of the services in addressing challenges farmers face, particularly the lack of access to health insurance.

They urged financial institutions to maintain a close relationship with the farming community and provide them with essential services, such as timely loans at the start of the season, to enhance agricultural productivity.

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