National strategic plan to heighten environmental conservation in offing

THE government is finalizing a process to come up with a five-year national strategic plan (2023-2027) aiming to intensively educate the public on environmental conservation for the country’s sustainable development.

Deputy Minister of State in the  Vice President’s Office (Union and Environment), Khamis Hamza Khamis, told the National Assembly here that the initiative will also involve educating the public on various laws and policies that supervises protection of the environment and water sources so as to reverse nature loss.

The strategy, according to the minister, will also educate the public about the benefits of forests and adverse impacts that result from unsustainable behaviors and actions on forests.

He was responding to a question raised by Bonna Kamoli (Segerea-CCM) who sought for the government’s plan to ensure that it provides education to people on environmental conservation, especially those conducting their activities near water sources and rivers.

“The goal of this strategic plan is to sensitize Tanzanians and the public in general on sustainable development and environmental conservation. This strategy involves provision of education of conducting activities 60 metres in water catchment areas, trees planting to protect nature,” the deputy minister explained.

He acknowledged that despite the government allowing citizens to carry out agricultural activities at a distance of 60 metres from water sources, there are still many challenges as some have continued to violate the regulations thus bringing major environmental damage.

He asked leaders and politicians to influence and mobilize communities on environmental conservation.

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