NATIONAL DEV VISION 2050: Integrity key to successes

DAR ES SALAAM: INTEGRITY and hard work are key drivers for the effective implementation of the envisioned National Development Vision 2050.

This was unanimously stated yesterday by key speakers during a virtual national dialogue on the 62nd independence and the National Development Vision 2050.

One of the speakers, Prof Kitila Mkumbo, Minister of State in the President’s Office (Planning and Investment), stated that as the country is preparing for the 2050 National Development Vision, Tanzanians should continue to work diligently in order to implement the current vision, which is expected to reach its peak in 2025.

The foundation of the National Development Vision 2050 is hard work, so let us continue striving for the nation’s development,” emphasised Prof Mkumbo.

He assured that the formulation of the new National Development Vision will be inclusive, ensuring that no one is excluded.

“Although the process will involve individuals from diverse backgrounds, it will also be conducted in a manner that is fair and transparent,” he added.

Prof Mkumbo’s views were supported by Mr Lawrence Mafuru, the Executive Secretary of the National Planning Commission, who encouraged Tanzanians to uphold integrity in the execution of the new vision, stating that integrity will be instrumental in achieving the 2050 Vision.

“As we begin the preparation of the 2050 National Development Vision, we must also prepare to change and act differently as a nation. This includes protecting our resources, embracing hard work and integrity. By doing so, the 2050 vision will be more than just a book, but a tool to propel us forward,” he said.

Mr Mafuru also outlined various methods that the commission will use to collect opinions and ensure that no one is left behind. These methods include face-to-face discussions, consultative meetings, interviews with focus groups, and questionnaires.

“We will also hold conferences and discussions with key players. It should be noted that what we are preparing is a vision that will impact the lives of Tanzanians for the next 25 years, so it concerns everyone,” he added.

He further stated that the commission will collect opinions through mobile phone messages, providing an opportunity for all Tanzanians with mobile phones to contribute. Additionally, a web link has been created for those who prefer to use this method, and physical visits to the commission are also welcomed.

Zanzibar Minister of State in the President’s Office (Finance and Planning), Dr Saada Mkuya Salum, emphasised the importance of focusing on the digital economy. She assured that the ministry is well-organized to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to voice their opinions about the new vision.

Meanwhile, the Vice-Chairman (Mainland) of CCM, Mr Abdulrahman Kinana emphasized the government’s plan under President Samia to increase individual income through the National Development Vision.

Mr Kinana made these remarks during a public address to party members in Chato, Geita Region. He stated that President Samia has initiated the process of preparing the new vision, which will serve as a tool to advance the nation.

“We began with a 25-year vision, starting in 2000 and ending in 2025. If you look at it, everything that was planned and promised has been implemented by more than 85 percent. Now we are preparing for the next vision, covering 2025-2050,” Mr Kinana said.

He stressed that everything planned in the 2020/2025 vision, including water projects, education, health, infrastructure, unity, peace, democracy, solidarity, and investment, has been accomplished.

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