Nape: Use new technology  for development purposes

MINISTER for Information, Communication and Information Technology Mr Nape Nnauye has urged Tanzanians to use social media for their personal and national development.

Mr Nape issued the advice yesterday here during an event to congratulate stakeholders who facilitated the installation of internet and data services at the top of Mount Kilimanjaro, Africa’s highest mountain.

During the event held at Kilimanjaro National Park’s Marangu Gate, Mr Nape presented special awards to stakeholders who facilitated the installation of internet services at the rooftop of Africa.

Among the recipients of the award is the late Joackim Kapembe who passed away when he was involved in an accident while descending. He was the Tanzania Broadcasting Corporation (TBC) senior journalist serving as cameraman.

“In recent days there has been a wave of uncivilised people who misuse social media, including issuing statements that generate hatred among Tanzanians, something which is against the good ethics and unity that we, Tanzanians, are proud of and have been cherishing for many years.

“It is good that we use social networks for our development and that of our nation as a whole; let’s avoid the habit of using technological advancements in creating hatred and humiliating each other, this is not compatible with Tanzanian culture,” he said.

Mr Nape continued further that there is a pressing need for Tanzanians to use social media to bring and enhance respect in places where people have started to despise each other.

“Technology must create the environment of respect where it doesn’t exist for one reason or another and also strengthen the unity we have. Technological development should not be the source of spoiling and destroying our culture”, said Minister Nape.

He urged Tanzanians to avoid using the new technology in posting posts which depict malicious intent, adding that the laws of the country will be enforced, and that the government will not hesitate to take action against all those who misuse social media to insult each other.

On December 13 last year, the government launched high-speed internet services on the top of Mount Kilimanjaro.

He led various leaders of the Tanzania Telecommunications Corporation (TTCL), HUAWEI, ministry staff and various stakeholders to launch the services at the rooftop of Africa.

The historic move means the hikers will now be speaking to the rest of the world while at the Uhuru Peak- the rooftop of Africa.

The internet services on the rooftop were installed for the first time in August  last  year  at Horombo area, 3,720 metres above the  sea level, but this  time the services have been installed  on the  roof of Africa with the slogan ‘Data Kileleni’ which aims  to further promote tourism at and around Mount Kilimanjaro.

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