Nape tips youths on ‘proactiveness’

DAR ES SALAAM: MINISTER for Information, Communication and Information Technology Mr Nape Nnauye has called on Tanzanian youths to be proactive when it comes to making positive decisions of the country.

Taking the stance while gracing the ‘Young CEO Awards Africa’ ceremony themed ‘Turning Job Seekers into Job Creators’ in Dar es Salaam, over the weekend he urged the youth to be at the front in exploiting opportunities.

He added: “Do not trail behind when it comes to pushing for positive decisions to be used in the country, you should not just leave it to be done by elders and decision makers…you are the ones who know where the shoe pinches.

“Engage yourselves to make sure that we get good decisions for the benefit of everyone and you should always remember that opportunities are available in Africa precisely in our country, make good use of such opportunities or else others will come to use them on your behalf.”

The minister added: “Learn to transform the existing challenges into opportunities…the education you acquire in class is important, but also the education you get through sharing experiences is also very vital since it provides you with realities in life.

“Work together and you will succeed. We should thank President Samia Suluhu Hassan for opening our country to the rest of the world…she has established a number of opportunities in different fields and it is up to you to tap them.”

Equally, Mr Nape reminded the youth that the period of being young is brief; hence, they should make the most of it by building themselves and making positive impacts in the society before it becomes too late.

“I was a young person like you, but now I am no longer in your category as age is catching with me…if I did not use my youth time well, I could not have been here with you. As such, be watchful throughout your youthful days.

“I respect Tanzanian youths who innovated money transfer systems, the government is now pushing to move from cash to cashless transactions, we need people who can execute this to make it applicable and it is only you who can do it,” he pointed out.

Earlier, one of the renowned businessmen in the country and Parliamentarian, Mr Eric Shigongo also encouraged Tanzanians to embrace the available opportunities saying the government is ready and available to support them.

“I really like to see Tanzanians commanding the economic status of their country…we can do it by utilising well opportunities at our disposal. We are blessed with many things, do not wait for others to come here and use the opportunities while you are seated back and watch,” he said.

Likewise, Mr Shigongo requested the government to introduce national innovation fund where talented young Tanzanians would be acquiring them to facilitate their innovation ideas.

On his part, Young CEOs Roundtable Africa Executive Director and Founder,  Mr Zakayo Shushu highlighted that giving awards to the outstanding young Chief Executive Officers is a catalyst in encouraging them to work hard in whatever they do.

He also thanked the government for creating a conducive atmosphere for the youth, who are serious about making a breakthrough in life to flourish as they aim high in whatever they want to achieve.

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