Nape: Tell country’s good stories

DODOMA: MINISTER for Information, Communication and Information Technology, Nape Nnauye has underscored the need for the scribes to tell good news about the country’s implementation of development projects.

Mr Nape said it is imperative for the citizens to be well informed of implementation of development projects being undertaken by the government in their localities as well as give them an audience to air their views.

He expressed the sentiment at the launching of a first series of special meetings devised by the Director of Information Services, MAELEZO and Chief Government’s Spokesperson, Mr Mobhare Matinyi with Regional Commissioners (RCs) and District Executive Directors (DEDs) countrywide.

“The public has to be informed on how their taxes and revenues are being spent for development projects in their localities thus, MAELEZO must take the noble cause to provide positive content to the media and ensure for massive coverage,” said Mr Nape.

“The citizens must be given an audience to express their opinion or views about development projects that are being carried out by the government in areas.  These projects are crucial for their wellbeing and socio-economic welfare,” he said.

Minister Nape said the government allocates a lot of money for development projects in all sectors including education, health, and agriculture in both urban and rural areas but in most cases the citizens are not aware of what is going on in their areas just because they are not being informed.

On his part, Mr Matinyi said the special programme intends to inform the citizens on the actions taken by the government in their respective regions. The authorities will speak out on the development and implementation strategies in their respective areas.

He called upon the regional and local authorities to effectively utilise the programme so as to make the public informed.

Mr Matinyi has devised a novel strategy to streamline and expedite information sharing, especially focusing on implementation of development projects being undertaken by the government countrywide

“We have started this special programme in Dodoma today, and we will be heading to Morogoro, Coast Region and Dar es Salaam in the first round,” he said.

Deputy Minister of State in the Prime Minister’s Office, Regional Administration and Local Government (PO RALG), Dr Festo Dugange directed the regions and local authorities to offer full support and information to make the programme work.

He also insisted on full utilisation, facilitation and equipping of information officers in the councils, so that the public remains aware of government investment in various sectors.

Presenting a report, Dodoma Regional Commissioner, Ms Rosemary Senyamule highlighted massive transformation, investment and development plans implementations that intend to boost economy, tourism, agriculture and service deliveries.

She said they want to take Dodoma to the world and bring the world to Dodoma as well as making it a logistic city as the government has injected resources in the construction of Msalato International Airport, Standard Gauge Railway (SGR) and outer ring roads construction.

The RC said the government investment in the capital city has defined the true meaning of making Dodoma its official home.

In education sector, she said the government has constructed state-of-the-art Dodoma City Secondary School, VETA College in Chanwimo District and ongoing construction Dodoma Technical College scheduled to start operations next year.

Moreover, through the regional administration and local government, within the two years in office terms of President Samia Suluhu Hassan, they have spent 81bn/- for the construction of 1,462 classrooms which has given room for 71,000 students.

On top of that, 124 new schools are in place as well as a good number of dormitories.

To bring health services closer to the communities, during the same period, 47 dispensaries, 11 health centres and three hospitals have been built.

Ms Senyamule said the region has been allocated with 628 employees, who have been dispatched in the eight councils of Kongwa, Chemba, Kondoa, Chamwino, Bahi, Mpwapwa, Dodoma City as well as Kondoa Township.

Come December, this year, Ms Senyamule said, all 822 villages in the region will have access to electricity thus making it easier for them to engage in socio-economic activities.

As for the tourism attractions, soon, they will launch a promotion strategy to have tourists visit the attractions such as paintings in Kondoa, Mkungunero forest and others. She said they will use the Dodoma stadium currently under construction as one of the sports tourism avenues as well.

For improved economic status, the region promotes industries construction in Nala, Mpunguzi as well as minerals whereas almost all residents will in one way or another benefit from the investments.

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