Nape stresses innovation for better postal services

ARUSHA: TANZANIA has expressed commitment to embrace innovation as key in delivering outstanding postal services.

According to Minister for Information, Communication, and Information Technology Mr Nape Nnauye in a world where communication is evolving rapidly, commitment by Pan African Postal Union (PAPU) members to embrace innovation is key to ensuring that they remain at the forefront in delivering outstanding postal services.

The Minister made the remarks yesterday in his statement to mark the 44th anniversary of the Pan African Postal Union (PAPU).

The commemoration theme focused on “Establishing an Efficient Customer Management System.

He said the theme underscores a dedicated effort within the Pan African Postal Union to elevate customer service and satisfaction.

“Efficiency and effectiveness in our Customer Management Systems are not just ambitions but necessities for the growth and relevance of our postal sector,” Minister Nape said.

He said Tanzania is committed to establishing nationwide efficient, reliable, and cost-effective postal services.

The minister noted that in modernized and digitally transformed Postal Sector, Tanzania has ICT and Postal policies, legal and regulatory frameworks that intend to promote Postal Services.

“In establishing an efficient Customer Management System, the Tanzania Posts Corporation (TPC) is using the track and trace system for parcels, registered items, EMS and small packets at domestic and international levels.

He further added that, TPC uses the dot-post (.post) domain of the Universal Postal Union (UPU) at the Posta e-shop which is a secured and trusted internet space in the digital economy.

In addition, he said this year’s theme prompts PAPU members that, the Postal Sector, has become the backbone of communication and trade, and is undergoing a remarkable digital transformation which ensures efficient and effective customer management.

“Today, it is not just about physical letters and parcels but also about the exchange of digital information in the postal sector, payment services, e-government, e-health, e-agriculture, e-commerce, and nurturing connections. In this dynamic situation, trust and alliance or partnership have become the cornerstones of our shared future,” he said.

He said as PAPU commemorate the 44th anniversary, Tanzania is recognizing the significance of an effective customer management system for enhancing centralized customer data, Customer Retention, Customer Satisfaction, streamline customer interactions, enhanced Communication, Data-driven decision-making, sector growth and efficiency, marketing effectiveness and brand reputation.

“As we mark this day, I pledge our continued support in the quest revitalizing a modernized and reliable postal sector in Tanzania. Together, we shape a future where every parcel, every letter, and every interaction tell a story of excellence and progress,” he said.

Pan African Postal Union Day 2024 serves as a manifestation of shared commitment to a future where postal services exceed conventional expectations.

“As we reflect on the remarkable journey of PAPU, we recognize its pivotal role in navigating the evolving landscape of postal services and adapting to the demands of the digital era. May this anniversary serve as a testament to the Union’s enduring impact and its continued commitment to excellence in the postal sector across Africa.”

For his part, Tanzania Communication Regulatory Authority (TCRA) Director General Dr Jabiri Bakari said the postal sector remains a very important sector for the social-economic development of   the country.

As we, all know that the development of ICT has transformed the traditional postal business and created an avenue for the new ICT based postal services. Introduction of the e-commerce and other electronic services was positively received by the postal operators worldwide, and that the postal network is being used as a reliable means of delivery of goods ordered through the ecommerce.

He said as part of strategy of ensuring that customers are getting affordable and  reliable quality of postal service, TCRA has licensed one Designated Postal Operator and a total number of 116 private Courier operators in five (5) categories.

Dr Bakari named the category as International Courier Operator, East Africa Courier Operator, Domestic Courier Operator, Intra-city Courier Operator and Inter-city Courier Operator as of December, 2023.

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