Nape: Report political stories with nation at heart

MINISTER for Information, Communication and Information Technology Nape Nnauye has cautioned journalists in the country to be responsible in reporting stories from political rallies for betterment of the nation.

Mr Nape’s caution came hardly a few days after President Samia Suluhu Hassan lifted a ban on political rallies in the country.

He said following the move by the Head of State, journalists should practice responsible journalism, which ensures that the citizens remain united.

Adding: “The president has lifted a ban on political rallies and it is my expectations that journalists will balance stories from the political gatherings and avoid reporting news, which are not beneficial to the people and country in general,” Nape said.

Elaborating, the minister told journalists to make sure that they record and write stories in professional manner in such a way that they avoid antagonism with the State.

He further advised them, saying : “There are some that might criticize the government and where necessary balance the stories with the parties concerned, because the media must be patriotic and make sure it unites the citizens.”

Last week, President Samia met leaders from 19 political outfits at State House in Dar es Salaam.

The president stresses on civilised politics, national interest and mutual understanding. She emphasised on the need for political parties to play safe by avoiding inciting violence.

“Both of us (government and political parties) have a role to play; we have to ensure peace is maintained for our sustainable development and the rallies have to be conducted in civilised manners,” she said.

Adding; “We need to have proper politics that will take our country to greater heights, let’s continue having mutual understandings as we are building the same country through different opinions.

The Head of State assured that the government will play an effective role of protecting people and ensuring the rallies are conducted in a peaceful way by providing security throughout the events.

Some members of the political parties’ council commended President Samian for her determination to strengthen democracy by lifting ban on political rallies.

Equally, they called upon Tanzanians to support the Head of State’s vision of opening up the country in all aspects.

This, according to them, will fuel development at individual and national level as well building national unity and solidarity.

Speaking during a press conference recently, Chairperson of political party’s council, Juma Ali Khatib said President Samia’s move needs to be supported by all Tanzanians regardless of their political affiliations.

“Today, we have some members of the political party’s council, in the near future we shall have an official meeting that will be attended by all members of the council for the sake of analysing and discussing President Samia’s speech,” he said.

Mr Khatibu who is the Chairperson of ADA-TADEA party, also reminded political parties to conduct civilised rallies and adhere to the laws of the land.

“We all have a responsibility to full fill, it’s our right to conduct political rallies but the event shouldn’t end in causing violence’s and disintegration among Tanzanians,” he said.

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