Nape extends media gauging committee to November

INFORMATION, Communication and Information Technology Minister, Nape Nnauye has extended to November, this year the deadline to submit a final report on economic status of Media Houses and the Welfare of local journalists.

Nape formed a Nine-Member Committee to assess the welfare and financial status of local media houses in January, this year — the committee, however, requested an extension to compile important details before submitting the report.

Addressing journalists in Dodoma on Tuesday, the minister said he has been pleased and impressed by what the committee has done so far and that for a better result he has decided to give them more time to complete their task.

The committee had three months to assess the economic status of media houses.

“The world is waiting for this matter. The world has now started looking at Tanzania, at the things we do to see if they can be used not only in Tanzania but beyond our borders and bring changes to the information sector,”

“We recognize the importance of the Information sector in the development of the country and the society in general. The industry has its challenges and they cannot be solved by declarations, but systems and systems are developed through research … I have agreed to extend the time so that they can complete the work that they have started,” Minister Nape said.

The Minister assured journalists that all other activities are proceeding as usual including the process of changing the Information services law and a date has already been set in parliament for its discussion, as well as the policy process is ongoing and all other processes are ongoing.

Speaking earlier, Azam Media’s Chief Executive, Tido Mhando who chairs the committee said they are out for the betterment of the sector and so far, they already know where to begin and where to end from their assessment.

“The research we have conducted in this period is big, we have looked not only at our home media houses but also those in other countries to see what they do. With the help from the government and other stakeholders we have all it takes to work with the issue,” Mr Mhando said.

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