NACTVET selects 15,833 to enroll in health programmes

THE National Council for Technical and Vocational Education and Training (NACTVET) has announced that a total of 15,833 applicants have been chosen to enroll in the various Health and Allied Sciences Certificate and Diploma programmes in the 2023/2024 academic year.

NACTVET Director of Admission, Examination, and Certification Dr Marcelina Baitilwake told journalists in Dar es Salaam yesterday that the selected applicants will join the programmes offered by 219 colleges in the country.

Dr Baitilwake said out of 15,833 selected applicants, 8,248 are girls, which represent 52 per cent and the remaining 7,585 or 48 per cent are boys.

She noted that a total of 2,868 applicants were selected to join 48 public colleges and 12,965 applicants will join 171 private colleges.

“NACTVET coordinated the admission of students in various health and allied sciences courses through the Central Admission System (CAS) for the academic year 2023/2024, where a total of 24,007 applicants submitted their applications through the system,” explained Dr Baitilwake.

She further explained that a total of 22,279 candidates completed their applications by selecting the colleges and programmes they preferred, whereby 20,234 applicants had qualifications for the programmes they applied for and 2,034 applicants did not meet the qualifications.

She went ahead to say that of 20,234 applicants had qualifications for the programmes they applied; at least 3,000 did not complete their applications, though she said NACTVET will follow up on what had happened.

In a similar vein, NACTVET informed the public that the window for the second phase officially opened yesterday and would remain open until August 8th this year. The selection results would be released on August 13th this year.

“Some qualified applicants who were not selected due to competition in the programmes and colleges they applied for are advised to re-apply to join the programmes and colleges with available positions in the second phase window through the Central Admission System,” she emphasized.

On his part, the NACTVET Examination and Certification Manager, Mr Twaha Twaha, strongly criticized the behavior of some colleges in sending messages to inform students to join their colleges against the procedures, a situation that caused inconvenience for some parents and students.

“We have contacted every college that informed the students and parents before the official system and procedure, and the necessary steps have already been taken against them,” said Mr Twaha.

Earlier in May this year, the government said Tanzania was fully be diving into vocational education and technical training as the ultimate solution to unemployment.

The Deputy Minister, Prime Minister’s Office (Labour, Youth, Employment & Persons with Disability) Patrobas Katambi, said producing skilled youth is the solution to unemployment in the country.

“Our country focuses on starting to manufacture goods, and the only way to achieve this is by equipping our youth with the creative skills that technical institutions provide,” said the deputy minister.

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