Mzumbe students design systems to improve road safety

STUDENTS from Mzumbe University have designed systems that will help road users, especially drivers to improve road safety.

Head of the Communication and Marketing Division at Mzumbe University, Ms Rose Joseph, revealed this at the ongoing creative week exhibition held at the Jamuhuri Stadium in Dodoma, where she said that the creative works, along with enhancing road safety, will also help bring about technological development which will contribute to the growth of the national economy.

“Mzumbe University offers various specialised fields, one among them is the field of science and technology, where every year we produce youths who are experts in technology, engineering and many other related fields.

“When we take part in exhibitions like these, our students get an opportunity to expose their creativity on how they can solve various challenges in the society,” she said.

On his part, Mzumbe University’s Department of Computer Sciences Lecturer, Dr Moris Daudi said that students have been collaborating with their instructors in designing various items with the aim of solving various challenges facing the society and improve their economic welfare.

He said that this year, Mzumbe students have been able to design a Road Safety System that will help drivers get information about accidents and other road signs that were not posted.

He said that in addition to the road safety system, students have also been able to design other systems such as a system to help doctors explore admitted patient’s information easily while in the wards and a system that will help protect children from getting lost.

“Students have developed a special device that will be installed in the patient’s bed, this device will consist of all the patient’s information, including the name, age, diagnosis results, medication and
information from doctors who have examined the patient, this will help the  experts  to stop walking around with papers/files in the ward when serving patients,” he said.

“They have also been able to design a special device that a parent or guardian can dress the child, this device will be connected to the guardian or parent’s mobile phone and will alert them in case a child gets lost,” he said.

Mr Daudi further said that all these innovations, apart from solving some of the challenges in the society, if developed can help develop technology among the youth as well as develop their economy, which will allow them to contribute to the national economy as well.

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