Mzumbe commits to motivate innovations in institutions

MZUMBE University Dar es Salaam College Campus (MUDCC) has expressed commitment to supporting the government initiative of encouraging institutions to be innovative through offering courses.

The MUDCC also vowed to introduce courses that gear students to self-employments once they graduate instead of solely relying on salaried employments.

Opening a one-day workshop on ‘Graduate Youth Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Business Skills’ in Dar es Salaam recently, Mzumbe University Dar es Salaam Campus Short Courses and Consultancy Head of Department, Dr Faisal Issa, said their institution had research and consultancy courses, which groom students to think of self-employment.

“Tanzania has all the potentials in agriculture, mining and several businesses for the youth to tap and exploit that is why at the institution, we run trainings to empower them with rare skills on how to tap them once they graduate into labour market.

“With such short courses, a student gets capacity building and becomes organised on how to add value to his business and my advice to the youth is that they should try to become innovative and exploit opportunities, rarely seen by others,” he pointed out.

Facilitating the training, Sahara Ventures Chief Executive Officer, Jumanne Mtambalike reminded the youth that it is only the entrepreneurship skills provided by such institutions that will help them uncover opportunities.

“Educated youths will be capacitated to observe and unearth different opportunities that they can exploit in  line with our mission of building a stable innovation, technology and entrepreneurship ecosystem in Africa through consultancy and investment.

Mr Mtambalike said students should fully exploit opportunities offered to them in such rare trainings to build their capacities and acquire knowledge that would enable them improve in business.

The training is one of the series of outreach programmes the institution is running in the public as part of its community plough back.

Facilitating the training, the institution’s Acting Principal Dr Coretha Komba, said they organised the workshop to orientate the would-be retirees on the real demand and situation in the labour market.

She further noted that such seminars present the participants with right skills and precautions in the market, adding: “We forearm them with prerequisite skills on how to venture, network and become sustainable in global business after having spent most of their workforce and time in salaried employment.”

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