Mwinyi urges tough action against wayward cadres

THE ruling party CCM Vice-Chairperson Dr Hussein Mwinyi has called upon the ethics committee and other disciplinary organs in the party to act against errant members before it becomes too late.

“We need unity, but we have a weakness of being too tolerant to members who speak badly of the party while still in the party. People are free to quit but should not attack the party and its leaders after quitting. We have our proper procedure of giving views and criticism,” Dr Mwinyi said yesterday in his ongoing tour to inspect CCM progress in Unguja North Region.

He also warned legislators in the Zanzibar House of Representatives and Union Parliament for maintaining uncalled conflicts, saying CCM needed stability and unity to fulfill its election pledges.

Dr Mwinyi underscored the need for the party’s regular in-house training for members and leaders at lower levels, while urging members to pay their annual membership fee and woo more people to join the party as he touted the party’s performance.

He said it is now high time for all employees/staff working for the party at the grassroots level to get paid allowances and salaries because CCM has enough sources of money if well managed, and also wished CCM top level meetings to be held in Zanzibar.

“We must construct modern Halls for such big functions.”

Dr Mwinyi, who doubles as President of Zanzibar, said so far there has been significant achievements in the implementation of the 2020-2025 election manifesto, assuring a landslide victory in the next election.

“We have not sold our main seaport-Malindi, we need efficiency after years of low revenue collection and poor performance in port operations including avoidable delays in services or clearance to incoming cargo/container ships. We have decided to engage the private sector to help us improve port operations,” Dr Mwinyi said.

He also reassured the outsourcing of most of the services in the health sector aimed at improving services.

“Free medical care and free education policies remain intact because the government covers the cost.”

The Isles leader promised that each district of Zanzibar will have at least two modern schools, and a hospital, while plans are underway to construct an international super specialty hospital at Binguni area, in Unguja South Region.

Dr Mwinyi informed the enthusiastic gathering including legislators from the region and other party bigwigs that the government was also planning to have two specific hospitals for maternity with enough skilled personnel using modern equipment.

“Plans to construct a new multipurpose seaport at Mangapwani have been going on well, while we’re also implementing a project to end low voltage electricity in the North Unguja region, and the World Bank is financing the rewiring Zanzibar project which will begin in September this year,” he said.

He said that almost all Zanzibar’s rural and urban roads will be tarmacked by 2025.

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