Mwinyi urges Muslims, Tanzanians to support  prayers with positive actions

ZANZIBAR: PRESIDENT Hussein Mwinyi has reiterated his call to Muslims and Tanzanians in general to ensure that their prayers are supported by actions that can help to achieve the country’s development goals and uphold peace.

He made the call during Friday prayers held at Masjid (Mosque) Tawba, Mwembe-Makumbi in Unguja Urban District.

He added that citizens who take time to pray for each other, the sick, those in difficulties, and their country demonstrate patriotism and that such commitment needs to be supported with positive attitudes like compliance to the laws of the land, acceptable behaviour in the society, and tolerance.

Dr Mwinyi has asked the believers of the Islamic religion to continue praying for themselves along with hard work to achieve the national and global development goals.

“Despite promising progress in different sectors, we still have a lot to do for our country. Each has a great role to play particularly in crime prevention, nurturing our children to become responsible citizens, help children to study, and be innovative to support the needy,” he said.

Sheikh Maalim Ahmada who led the Friday prayers, encouraged believers to add more efforts in seeking God (ALLAH)’s help and protection in daily life.

“We need to love each other as emphasised in our religions,” Sheikh Ahmada said as the President later visited a grieving family following the death of a Muslim cleric Sheikh Machano Makame who was laid to rest in Donge last Tuesday.

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