Mwinyi urges CCM women to find reliable income sources

PRESIDENT Hussein Mwinyi has asked Chama Cha Mapinduzi (CCM) Women’s Wing (UWT) to find reliable sources of income in order to be financially independent.

“Financial independence for women is important for your development,” Dr Mwinyi who is also CCM Vice-Chairman for Zanzibar  told  the party’s  Women Wing delegation that visited him at the State House for familiarisation.

The president encouraged women through the wing leadership, led by Ms Marry Chatanda, to strive for growth for the benefit of its members and the country’s development.

He pledged to work closely with them in achieving their goals and advised them to use public meetings to explain to their members and other people, achievements recorded so far by the Revolutionary Government of Zanzibar in the implementation of the CCM’S 2020-2025 Election Manifesto.

“The issue of using public meetings to explain the success of the party in implementing its election manifesto is important, because if our colleagues in the opposition hold meetings to talk about problems. But use the meetings to talk about the successes achieved,” Dr Mwinyi said.

He advised the leaders to have regular training in order to carry out their work effectively in accordance with the policy and regulations of the wing , “training should be among priorities after elections. If you ignore training, you may fail to perform effectively,” he said.

However, he commended UWT for carrying out their responsibilities well, despite challenges they have, and also advised them to strengthen collaboration with other associations to collectively work on challenges in the society.

Regarding economic empowerment, Dr Mwinyi promised the UWT to cooperate with them by engaging them in economic empowerment opportunities to enable its members benefit, “There are opportunities for economic empowerment, and members from NGOs, including people with disabilities are free to apply for funds under the ‘economic empowerment institution and district councils. No obstacles in accessing the funds.”

Earlier the National Chairman of UWT Ms Marry Chatanda who is also a member of the CCM central committee, presented to the president a brief of their work plan for the period of 2022/2027. She said that among the expectations of UWT is to strengthen the association by having more members, and conducting study tours.

“Our plans also include organising public meetings to explain the implementation of the Election Manifesto, and to become a large institution financially stable, and also implement new projects,” said Ms Chatanda adding also to operate digitally by adopting ICT.

She also said that the association has been undergoing reforms at all levels, which also include looking at our policy, and laws in connection to land ownership rights for women, inheritance, leadership, marriage, electoral processes and customary laws “So that we fight for the deletion of laws that oppress women.”

She added that UWT is expected to network with more powerful women, within decision-making bodies, inside and outside the country to demonstrate, to enable learning and sharing of best practices for policies and improvements.

“We expect to have more activities including capacity building of our staff, and promote economic rights to reduce devastating gender violence, and provide legal support services for the victims,” she said as she commended Dr Mwinyi for continuing to defend rights of women in the country.

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