Mwinyi tells executives to shun bickering

ZANZIBAR: ZANZIBAR President Dr Hussein Mwinyi on Monday presided over the swearing-in of district and regional leaders he recently appointed, urging them to embrace teamwork.

At the event held at the State House, Dr Mwinyi expressed his disappointment with leaders who engage in unnecessary wrangling instead of serving the people.

President Mwinyi urged civil servants to respect their oaths of office and be mindful of the tasks that lie ahead once they are sworn in.

He warned leaders at all levels of management to stop unnecessary conflicts and antagonism in the workplace, as squabbles among leaders undermine performance.

“You must shun internal conflicts and prioritise national interests. People need to see teamwork and maximum cooperation among leaders so that most challenges can be resolved while implementing development programmes,” Dr Mwinyi emphasised.

Dr Mwinyi explained that there are reports of ministers and permanent secretaries being engaged in endless conflicts and regional commissioners not maintaining good relations with district commissioners.

“This is disappointing as it leads to inefficiency in offices,” he said, adding; “There should no longer be any infighting among you because that’s not what Tanzanians need.”

He warned that he will not hesitate to take disciplinary measures against such leaders, directing all executives at every level to cooperate for the development of the country and to better serve the people.

Dr Mwinyi said there are issues, including land disputes and conflicts in villages, that can be resolved amicably. However, they often take a long time to resolve and even reach the State House because responsible leaders in the district/region are entangled in conflicts.

President Mwinyi said that since District Commissioners and Regional Commissioners are chairpersons of the defence and security committees, they must always maintain good relationships to enhance the fight against crime in the country. Failing to do so will make the exercise difficult.

“People need justice and always start seeking justice at the local level, from DCs, RCs, PSs, and ministers who have a significant role to play. If you remain in conflict, people will also remain with their problems unsolved. I urge you to change,” Dr Mwinyi said.

He also directed local leaders to address concerns raised by investors in the country to ensure that they can run their ventures smoothly.

Dr Mwinyi said investors contribute heavily to economic growth by investing in sectors such as the tourism industry, which is a leading contributor to foreign exchange.

“You should put your personal differences aside and serve investors and all people,” President Mwinyi said.

Those who took the oath of office are Mr Ayoub Mohammed Mahmoud, the new RC for Unguja South region (previously served in Unguja North region), and Mr Mahmoud exchanged positions with Mr Rashid Hadid Rashid, who also took the oath.

Mr Sadifa Juma Khamis, Mr Othman Ali Maulid, and Mr Galos Nyimbo were sworn in as the new DC for Unguja Central District, Unguja North A District, and Unguja South District, respectively.

After the swearing-in, each leader promised to work hard and promote good relations for efficiency in their offices.

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