Mwinyi promises to improve labs for reliable tests, studies

ZANZIBAR has for the first time joined the world to mark the ‘Medical Laboratory Professionals Week’ with President Hussein Mwinyi promising to improve labs for reliable tests and studies in the country.

Dr Mwinyi made the remarks in a speech read on his behalf by the Second Vice-President of Zanzibar Mr Hemed Suleiman Abdulla when he officiated at the ‘World Lab Week forum’ held at Sheikh Idriss Abdulwakil Hall, Kikwajuni area.

He said his government and that of the United Republic of Tanzania have been increasing allocation of funds to improve and modernise labs in hospital and health centres by providing modern machinery and equipment, which has helped reduce the need to send specimens to be examined abroad.

Medical Laboratory Professionals Week (April 23rd to 29th) is an annual celebration to highlight and show appreciation for laboratory professionals and also to recognise clinical and public health laboratory professionals for their contributions to health and research. The theme for Lab Week 2023 is `The Future is Lab.’

Dr Mwinyi said in his speech that his government has established a mechanism to engage private institutions and companies in the provision of health laboratory services in hospitals with the aim of increasing the availability of laboratory services and reducing operating costs.

He also noted that by establishing ‘Zanzibar Laboratory Week,’ they would enable Zanzibar to organise forums that will bring together laboratory experts at home and from abroad which will provide an opportunity to share experience and expertise in conducting tests.

On the issue of employing labs professionals, Dr Mwinyi said the government would continue to employ the experts in accordance with the needs. He explained that existing and new hospitals being constructed need to be equipped with skilled labour and modern facilities to provide better services to the people.

In addition, Dr Mwinyi said the government has developed a plan to improve laboratory services for livestock and fishing, so that safe meat, milk and fish are provided for human health.

For his part, the Minister for Health Mr Nassor Ahmed Mazrui said the labs are important because they make significant contribution to promoting social welfare by ensuring the health and safety of citizens.

Zanzibar Association of Medical Laboratory Science Officers (ZAMELSO) Chairperson Mr Hamad Bakar Magarawa said Zanzibar has for the first time joined other countries in celebrating the week, where it would help promote the country’s labs profession.

Before reading the speech, the Second Vice-President visited the exhibition tents where students explained how laboratories work as he witnessed various efforts made by the experts and students commending them for good work.

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