Mwinyi: Pay April salary early for Eid Al Fitr celebrations

AS the public, especially Muslim prepare to celebrate Eid al Fitr to mark the end of fasting in holy month of Ramadan, President Hussein Ali Mwinyi has directed the Isles Ministry of Finance and Planning to pay government employees their April salaries early, to enable them and their families to enjoy the festivity together.

“Start paying salaries from April 14, 2023. Early disbursement of April salaries for government employees will enable them to prepare for the Eid Al Fitr with ease,” Dr Mwinyi directed, while hinting at the responsible ministry.

In apparent order that the payment should fall on 17th April (today), the month long Ramadan of fasting started on 23rd March this year and depending on moon sighting, it is that Eid Al Fitr will fall on Friday or Saturday this week.

Commenting on the directive, Mr Khamis Mbeto Khamis- Secretary, Publicity and Ideology department of the Chama Cha Mapinduzi (CCM) special Committee commended President Hussein Ali Mwinyi, saying his decision will enable many families to enjoy the celebration with salaries at hand.

“President Mwinyi who is the national Vice-chairperson of CCM, responsible for Zanzibar has continued to please and raise hope of people in Zanzibar. Let us praise him by doubling efforts in work,” Mr Khamis said.

He said that early salary payment was a continuation of several measures being taken by the CCM Government-eighth phase, under the leadership of President Dr Mwinyi, which aims at minimising inconveniences to public employees and the general public.

He said that it was the President’s personal initiatives of showing togetherness, patriotism and love to the people of Zanzibar, since assuming power after the October 2020 general elections.

Elaborating, Mr Khamis urged all citizens regardless of their political, religious and ethnic differences to continue cooperating with the Zanzibar Government in various areas including social, economic, cultural, political and other development issues.

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