Mwinyi: Make good preparations to clear CCM’s path to victory

ZANZIBAR: RULING party CCM Vice-Chairman (Zanzibar), Dr Hussein Mwinyi has said the party has every reason to clear its path to victory in the 2025 General Election.

However, he insisted that for that to happen, government executives to speedily execute the ruling Chama Cha Mapinduzi’s (CCM) 2020/2025 election manifesto

Dr Mwinyi said this when he met with the secretariat of the special committee, and the party’s regional and district secretaries yesterday urging them to clear the way for victory in upcoming elections.

“It is time to clear the way, leave no stone unturned to ensure we win in the elections,” Dr Mwinyi, who also doubles as Zanzibar President and Chairman of the Revolutionary Council told the executives at the CCM sub-head office -Kisiwandui. It was his first session this year with the secretaries.

“We have in the past three years executed the manifesto excellently, but we have to double the speed in the remaining two years and deliver to wananchi beyond our pledges in the 2020 election campaigns,” Dr Mwinyi said.

He emphasised that the main task of a political party is to win elections and, therefore, party members must double efforts to achieve the goal.

“We should commend the party national Chairperson, Dr Samia Suluhu Hassan who is also the President of the United Republic of Tanzania for her good leadership, which has already cleared the way for victory following admirable implementation of the promises made during the elections campaign and the 2020/2025 election manifesto.”

Dr Mwinyi also thanked the executives for the great work so far, in uniting members and strengthening the party, however, he insisted that all the party members must continue to promote equality, love each other, and refrain from forming faction groups during elections.

He emphasised that the executives at the lowest level have the responsibility to unite people and promote the principles of the party to ensure sustainable unity, peace and stability within the party.

It was an opportunity for the Vice-Chairman to remind all CCM members and leaders to be at the forefront to explain the successes of the CCM governments (Zanzibar and mainland) in all sectors including education, health, roads, water, empowerment of groups (Youths, Women, People with disabilities) and entrepreneurs, surpassing the target set in manifesto.

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