Mwinyi lures investor for Unguja-Pemba sea route

Zanzibar’s President Hussein Ali Mwinyi said there is a need for a direct transport from Unguja to Pemba as a solution to an unreliable means of transport connecting the two Islands.

Speaking at a launching ceremony of a new state-of-the-art boat branded ‘Kilimanjaro VIII – The Falcon of the Sea’ in Zanzibar on Monday, Dr Mwinyi said travelers are being forced to waste a lot of time and incur unnecessary cost due to the transport challenges.

“There is a great challenge of means of transport connecting Unguja to Pemba…,” Dr Mwinyi said. “We would like to ask you [Azam Marine Company] to help solve this problem.

The President insisted that his Government is also working on the challenge as he added: “The Unguja-Pemba-Tanga route is very important for our citizens.”

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