Mwinyi decries indiscipline

MEMBERS of the ruling party- CCM including leaders serving in different positions have been challenged to desist from uncalled-for conflicts and divisions within the party or risk to be kicked out and blacklisted as unfit to contest in future elections.

This was re-emphasised by CCM’s National Vice-Chairperson (Zanzibar) Dr Hussein Mwinyi during his tour to inspect CCM’s branches at the district and regional level in Unguja Urban over the weekend.

Dr Mwinyi, who is also the President of Zanzibar told the party fans and members that he was disturbed by lack of cooperation and collaboration among leaders at various levels, a situation he said was affecting the strength of the party.

He said elected leaders including Members of Parliament, House of Representatives, and councillors must always work as a team to serve the people.

“This behaviour of maintaining unnecessary conflicts must stop now or else those who entertain conflicts will be barred from contesting in future elections. We want unity and commitment in the party to enable us to continue winning in all future elections,” Dr Mwinyi said.

President Mwinyi told party leaders from grassroots and administrative councils that he wants stability and full collaboration within the party so that they all focus on finding ways to overcome challenges facing the party.

The Vice-Chairman explained that for the party to do its work effectively and achieve development goals, CCM members must remain united in building the party at all levels for smooth implementation of the party’s 2020-2025 election manifesto and government plans.

“It is unacceptable to remain with challenges, as most of them can be resolved because we have assets and opportunities to generate funds. It is high time we have modern buildings including a Hall for our functions, and vehicles,” Dr Mwinyi told enthusiastic members and fans.

President Mwinyi said that he requires full support from CCM members and Zanzibaris at large so that “Transformation agenda or modernising Zanzibar-such as roads’ networks, airports, seaports, schools, health facilities, and buildings resemble states in Europe and be achieved within the next short period of time.”

Last week, Dr Mwinyi also warned of disunity and division within the party, calling upon the members to unite in order to strengthen the party.

He made the statement on May 6, 2023, while addressing the party’s cadres from different levels at the Piccadilly Kombeni Hall, West B District, West Urban Region, Zanzibar.

According to President Mwinyi, during all elections, various groups with different objectives and interests emerge, saying it is time to dissolve the different factions and unite as a party.

“Ethics committees should take stern disciplinary measures to ensure that discipline and unity within the party is restored when divisions and factions occur,” he said.

Dr Mwinyi urged those responsible according to their position within the party, to perform their duties and recruit new members to strengthen the party.

“The party’s main resource lies in the increasing of new members, there should be enough cards,” emphasised the Vice-Chairman.

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