Mwinyi appreciates UNDP support

ZANZIBAR: ZANZIBAR government has expressed gratitude to the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) for continuous support to the isle’s development.

President Hussein Mwinyi made the remarks during a familiarization meeting with the newly appointed UNDP Country Representative in Tanzania Mr Shigeki Komatsubara.

Dr Mwinyi said that UNDP has supported Zanzibar in various areas including empowering the Zanzibar Presidential Delivery Bureau (PDB), and that its performance in monitoring projects has improved.

He said, “Zanzibar and UNDP have strengthened cooperation resulting in the implementation of development programs. Our focus now is on the Blue Economy which includes promotion of tourism growth.

The President also commended UNDP for its support in strengthening the judiciary and parliament systems (Courts, House of Representative, and Union Parliament) of the country.

In response during the meeting, Mr Komatsubara, promised that UNDP will continue working or supporting Zanzibar to achieve its goals in the Blue Economy agenda since it is linked to PDB.

Besides the meeting with Dr Mwinyi, the UNDP senior officer talked with the Deputy Chief Executive Officer of PDB, Dr Josephine Rogate Kimaro who thanked UNDP for the great cooperation they provide to PDB including capacity building for staff.

UNDP is currently implementing six projects in Africa, including Tanzania where projects are to combat crime, improve the legal system, and projects related to gender and children protection.


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