Mwanza to build trade fair ground

MWANZA regional authority will build a trade fair ground to motivate business activities in the area as a hub of Great Lakes region.

The statement was advanced on Wednesday in Mwanza by Region Commissioner (RC),Mr Adam Malima in the inauguration of the 17th Mwanza East Africa Trade Fair (MEATF) at Nyamagana playground, coordinated by the Tanzania Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture (TCCIA) in the region.

He said Mwanza is a potential area and is the centre of East African Regions therefore is supposed to have an international trade fair ground where all business-related issues can be held in a fair environment.

“We have the responsibility to ensure we turn Mwanza into a new perspective since the area is the second largest city in our country and epicentre of Great Lake nations,” he said.

He said that in the process of making the area gain a quality standard of being a good trade fair ground some barriers that inhibit traders from abroad to bring their properties on time should be abolished soon to motivate them to participate in the Mwanza fair.

TCCIA Deputy President, Mr Clement Hoka, requested the regional authorities to set aside an area for a trade fair instead of hiring grounds have have no conducive environment for business activities.

He said that once the government in the region will set aside a place for a trade fair it can motivate more businessmen to come into the area and perform their activities without challenges.

Mwanza Regional TCCIA Chairman, Mr Gabriel Mugini said that the 17th MEATF brought together 55 participants from abroad and 200 Tanzanians.

He said the theme for this year’s trade fair is ‘Kiswahili language is a strong foundation to raise and develop business, industries and agriculture in Africa’

Mr Mugini said that the trade fair aims to bring together participants from east Africa and other nations to exchange experiences develop networking and perform business.

He said that to achieve development some challenges like delaying businessmen from other countries to enter Tanzania to be removed and the slow process to implement blue print to be changed.

Mr Mugini added that the presence of many taxes in business should be removed to motivate the flourish of trade.

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