Mwanza residents air expectations on census

SOME Mwanza residents have expressed their expectations from the government, as the 2022 Population and Housing Census (PHC) is coming to an end saying they expect changes in various sectors especially provision of better services.

They said the exercise will also help in policy formulation, planning and resources allocation.

Saint Augustine University of Tanzania (SAUT) Economics lecturer, Dr Isack Safari told the ‘Daily News’ on Thursday that the census provides a big picture on how the government can plan and allocate resources for its people.

Dr Safari said the statistics will enable the government to look at the demographic structure between 2012 and 2022 such as increase in population, children, elder, youth, adults and access to   important services such as water availability, roads among others and plan appropriately.

“There is high level of urbanization in our country especially in Dar es Salaam, from the information collected  through census, we expect the government to set good policies and regulations  urban development,” Dr Safari said.

On his part, a businessman, Mr John Shayo (73) said that he expects further   development  in the country as the census information will  ensure effective utilisation and supervision of natural resource citing the presence of Lake Victoria and Lake Tanganyika among other natural resources that if well managed will be more beneficial  to the citizens.

He also appealed to the government to improve business environment of petty traders by   setting friendly taxes that could promote business growth and self employment which will contribute to revenue collection for national development.

Another resident, Ms Fadhila Sadala said after the census, she expect the government to increase the number of classrooms and important infrastructure because it is obvious that  the number of students has increased.

Sadala also said that after knowing the number of youth the government will come up with strategies of addressing youth unemployment in the country.

PHC kicked off countrywide in August 23 is expected to end up in September 5 this year.

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