Mwanza keeps the ball rolling over Ebola preparedness

MWANZA authorities in collaboration with health stakeholders have started laying down measures for Ebola preparedness.

In their meeting recently, they brainstormed over proper ways to face the disease which has already claimed lives of people in the neighbouring Uganda.

It was observed that Mwanza City has proper hygiene system that could be used for prevention of the deadly disease.

Mwanza Regional Commissioner Mr Adam Malima said although the region had not reported any case of Ebola, measures must be taken, including motivating people to wash their hands and avoid hand shaking.

“We should not cause panic to the community since the disease is currently in our neighbouring country, what we can now do is to observe preventive measures,” Mr Malima said.

He ordered District Commissioners to hold public rallies in their areas to educate the communities about the best ways for preventing the disease since prevention is better than cure.

Mr Malima said awareness education on the precautionary measures to combat the deadly disease was of great importance than anything else.

Mwanza Regional Medical Officer (RMO) Dr Thomas Rutachunzibwa affirmed that no case had been documented in the City, insisting that awareness education on how people should protect themselves from contracting the disease was needed.

He said they had already earmarked special areas in all districts where Ebola patients, if found, would be accommodated for treatment.

Dr Rutachunzibwa urged the residents to visit health centres for medical check-ups in case they felt Ebola symptoms such as fever, arguing that diagnosing the disease earlier was better.

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