Mwanza City plans to collect 23bn/- revenue

MWANZA City Council plans to collect revenue worth 23bn/- in the 2022/23 fiscal year compared to 18bn/- collected in the preceding financial year.

This was unveiled by the Mwanza City Council Mayor, Mr Sima Costantine here during a public meeting held in the City on Monday.

“’There are many income sources that will help us reach our target for the year under review,” he said.

Mr Costantine noted that in their council they have strategic projects such as the central city market which when completed will be collecting over 1bn/-.

He said that when the Nyegezi Bus Stand project is completed, they expect to collect 1.2bn/- per year. Other sources of income mentioned are Mahatma Gandhi hall, Mchafukoga and Mlango Mmoja markets.

Mr Costantine said another source of income is the sale of surveyed plots in Luchelele ward.

He said that in this financial year they also plan to provide loans amounting to 1.8bn/- to youth groups compared to 700m/- disbursed to 60 youth groups last year.

He said that their district has been sincerely implementing various development projects in the education, health and fishing and breeding sectors.

On his side, Nyamagana Member of Parliament Mr Stanslaus Mabula has asked small-scale businessmen to ensure that they do business in their assigned areas by the government.

He said that they are currently continuing with the improvements of the Mchafukoga small entrepreneurs market in Igogo ward.

Nyamagana District Commissioner, Ms Amina Makilagi said they have managed to plan well the arrangement of small businessmen in Nyamagana. The council has organized 15 markets for small traders.

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