Mwanza City now owns Pamba

MWANZA City Council agreed to take ownership of Mwanza-based Championship side Pamba FC on Sunday.

The City Council will take control of all the club’s businesses and operations, including payment of the players and the technical bench.

It was revealed during the signing ceremony that the City Council’s first commitment is to promote the team to the Premier League after 22 years.

The agreement was reached on Sunday in a special session presided over by Mwanza Regional Commissioner Amos Makalla, Mwanza City Council Director Aaron Kagurumjuli, and the Pamba FC club management.

During the event, Kagurumjuli said, “The main goal is to ensure Pamba FC returns to the top-flight league. We want to build a solid team and develop young talents. Mwanza residents should expect the finest team, which will qualify for the Premier League next season.”

On his side, Pamba FC Chairman Evarist Hagila said he is grateful for the City Council’s decision to take charge of all businesses in the team. He added that they will ensure a swift ownership transfer among both parties, for the club’s goodwill.

Mwanza Regional Football Association (MZFA) through Vedastus Lufano has said they have received this with open arms. This is because the team has struggled financially since the Tanzania Cotton Board left.

In his address, he called for Mwanza football fans to continue supporting the team.

Pamba have been struggling to regain the top flight league status, but most of their efforts ended at a play-off stage.

In the just ended 2022/23 season Pamba finished third in their Championship League only to be eliminated by Mashujaa of Kigoma on 5-4 aggregate loss.

They lost 4-0 at Lake Tanganyika Stadium in Kigoma before winning 4-1 at CCM Kirumba  Stadium in Mwanza.

Mashujaa who eliminated Pamba have now qualified to play in their Premier League for 2023/24 season.

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