MV Mwanza set for initial workout

MWANZA: AT-least 20 foreign experts from various parts of the world are in Tanzania, to participate in MV Mwanza Hapa Kazi Tu initial workout on Lake Victoria, starting today.

The ship building Project Manager, Mr Vitus Mapunda informed members of Parliamentary Public Accounts Committee (PAC) who were on the tour at Mwanza South Port over the weekend that the experts are from China, Germany, Denmark, Philippines, Portugal, Netherlands and South Korea.

He said some experts have been invited by the project Contractor–Gas Entec Engineering Company, with the other being invited by the government through Marine Service Company Limited (MSCL).

“Local experts are also in the list to participate in this a-two-day important and historical event. The government has invited atleast six local engineers and 11 contractors,” he said.

MSCL Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Mr Eric Hamiss, said that after the exercise, the ship building will reach 96 per cent, from the current 93 per cent. The remaining four per cent will be for installation of accommodation facilities, mostly beds, chairs and related furniture, which are on their way to Tanzania from South Korea.

Gas Entec is expected to handover the work by May 31st, this year, ready for vessel to start local and international trips, docking especially at Kemondo and Bukoba ports in Kagera Region.

At the Mwanza South Port, the PAC was also informed about the ship slipway facility, wherein the members expressed their satisfaction over the two projects’ development.

PAC Deputy Chairperson, Mr Japhet Hasunga, said that the vessel will be a major transformation in marine transport sector.

He said that the Committee was much impressed with the fact that the projects have been creating jobs for locals, along with skill and knowledge gaining from foreign experts.

“Thus, trough experience sharing, it means we now have local experts who might also enter in vehicle assembling and related projects here. Again, Tanzania has a lot to do with this slipway, provided that the country is still in high need of more new ships for its various water-bodies.

“Even our neighbours in the east Africa region are in need of more ships. We can therefore go for assembling and makes sales to them,” proposed the deputy chairperson.

Meanwhile, the MSCL raised the concern over shortage of ship captains and crew members ahead of MV Mwanza operations, with the PAC directing issuance of hiring proposals to relevant authorities

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