MV Mwanza Hapa Kazi Tu to go on trial next week

MWANZA: THE newly built MV Mwanza Hapa Kazi Tu is set to go on initial trials on Lake Victoria on March 25th this year, it has been revealed.

Delivering a brief statement during the Parliamentary Infrastructure Committee trip to observe the project development over the weekend, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) for Marine Services Company Limited (MSCL), Mr Eric Hamiss, said that the construction was at 93 per cent and after a-two-day lake trial exercise, the project will be at 96 per cent.

“The arrangement is in progress as we have already finished what is called ship inclination and stability exercise, which successfully took place on March 7th this year,” said the CEO.

However, the initial trials will only involve ship building experts, for safety purposes, said the CEO. After the trial, he added, the remaining four per cent will involve installation of accommodation facilities, mostly beds, chairs and related furniture, which are on the way to Tanzania from South Korea.

The total cost for the project will stand at over 49.3 million US dollars upon its completion. Over 44.8 million US dollars has already paid to the contractor, which is equivalent to 90.87 per cent of the total cost.

South Korea based companies — Gas Entec in collaboration with Kangnam Corporation have been contracted to build the ship.

“The project has a lot of benefits to Tanzania and its people, as it contributes to strengthening marine transport, including creating employment for over 2,000 locals. “Being the first ship to be locally built in the country, the project has also created experts through skill and knowledge transfer from foreigners to locals. We therefore, have the database for those who will be participating in more ships building and related activities in future,” said the CEO.

The contractor is expected to handover the ship by the end of May this year, and the vessel will operate across East African region. Efforts are going on in identifying more routes for the vessel with the capacity to carry 400 tonnes of cargo and 1,200 passengers, affirmed Mr Hamiss.

Deputy Minister for Transport, Mr David Kihenzile, commented that the government invests a lot in marine transport. He said recently the government entered into the over 1tr/- worth of agreements for such activities.

Committee Chairperson, Mr Selema Kakoso, called on MSCL staff to embrace patriotism and be accountable when MV Mwanza starts operations, recalling how some dishonest people were involved in sabotaging the Company in various ways, some years back.

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