MV Magogoni to undergo 7.5bn/- massive upgrade

TANZANIA Electrical, Mechanical and Electronics Services Agency (TEMESA) yesterday signed a contract worth 7.5bn/- with African Marine and General Engineering Company for the rehabilitation of MV Magogoni ferry.

MV Magogoni with the capacity to carry 500 tonnes of cargo, 2000 passengers and 60 small cars, was built in 2008.

Speaking during the signing ceremony in Dar es Salaam, Minister for Works and Transport Prof Makame Mbarawa said the government is renovating MV Magogoni to improve and facilitate the transportation of people, goods and provision of other services.

During the massive upgrading of the ferry, a task that will be carried out in five months in Mombasa, Kenya,  Prof Makame said the government has taken measures to ensure that transportation in the area is not disrupted.

He said that the government is paying an extra 100/- for every citizen boarding the Azam Marine ferry that plies Magogoni- Kigamboni route, as a way to provide affordable transport services to citizens, who pay 200/- instead of the 300/- required by Azam Marine.

Minister Mbarawa also called on Kigamboni residents to use Kigamboni Bridge as an alternative way to cross from either side.

He further noted that the government chooses to work with African Marine and General Engineering Company because it was the lowest evaluated bidder with quality services due to the experience in construction and repair of ferries.

Moreover, Prof Makame has urged the Kenyan company to ensure they complete the rehabilitation task of the ferry within five months as agreed in the contract.

He also directed engineers who will supervise the rehabilitation of the ferry in Mombasa to be faithful in their work.

“Tanzanian engineers who are going to supervise the ferry rehabilitation in Mombasa should manage it faithfully for the benefit of the government and the citizens in general,” he said.

Earlier, TEMESA Chief Executive Officer Lazaro Kilahala said in 2023, the government, through the Ministry of Works and TEMESA, is implementing several projects worth 60.7bn/- for the construction, repair of ferries and their infrastructure as part of the implementation of the CCM manifesto 2020-2025.

Mr Kilahala said MV Magogoni rehabilitation will include installing four new engines, rebuilding the new marine steel plates, installing new generators, the new system of doors, maintenance of fire alarm systems, installing new CCTV cameras, maintenance of electric systems and ferry steering room.

He noted that the government has also signed contracts worth 23.3bn/- for the repair of 16 ferries of which, six ferries have been completed and continues to provide services including MV Kazi, MV Temesa, MV Tanga, MV Musoma, MV Sabasaba and MV Kilambo, while other ten are in rehabilitation.

He further noted that the government signed other contracts for the construction of ferries and their infrastructure worth 33.2bn/-, adding that the contractors have already been paid in advance and the implementation is ongoing.

“Other projects to be implemented in 2023 include the construction of a new Bwiyagu-Mbalika ferry and two small boats that will serve at Kigamboni – Magogoni channel,  which are all  in the procurement stages” he added.

Kigamboni MP, Faustine Ndugulile called upon the Ministry of Works and Transport to allow the private sector to participate in the provision of ferry service in Kigamboni, to increase competition in the service provision, instead of relying on TEMESA alone.

Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly, Mussa Azan Zungu called on the Kigamboni residents to be patient while the maintenance of the ferry continues, urging the contractors to observe quality work, time and value for money.

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