Muslims, Christians urged to uphold peace

MUSLIMS have been urged to collaborate with Christians and use the Holy Month of Ramadan to uphold peace and make Tanzania a safe place to stay and for activities and development.

The Acting Geita Regional Commissioner who is the Geita District Commissioner, Mr Colnery Magembe made the remarks to the people who gathered for iftar organised by the Geita regional office over the weekend.

Mr Maghembe said the faithful have a great opportunity to use the month of Ramadan to preach peace that has been built by the founders of the nation and continue to be maintained by the current government.

He urged religious leaders to use their influence to promote peace and development policy that has been strengthened through the political reconciliation initiated by President Samia Suluhu.

The Regional Administrative Secretary, Professor Godius Kahyarara said that the cooperation of both Christians and Muslims observed during Ramadan have paved the way for cooperation in economic activities.

Geita Region Sheikh, Alhaj Yusuf Kabaju congratulated the sixth phase government for controlling food price during this month of Ramadan which enabled majority of Muslims to afford for breaking their fast.

The Director of Waja Schools, Mr Chacha Waja said the cooperation between Muslims and Christians promotes collaborative economic development.

Bluecoast Investment Limited Director, Mr Athanas Inyasi said that the collaboration between Muslims and Christians is a result of the Sixth Phase Government’s efforts to safeguard freedom of worship and thus achieve the goal of sustainable development.

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