Museveni eulogize Magufuli launching Kikagati Power Project

Uganda’s President, Yoweri Museveni has acknowledged the Late President John Magufuli’s contribution in the successful implementation of the Kikagati Murongo Hydroelectric Power Project located across the Kagera River, along Uganda’s International border with Tanzania.

Addressing the various leaders and officials gathered at the inauguration ceremony of the project on Thursday, President Museveni applauded the firth phase President saying the long-waited project came into effect after he stepped into it.

“I want to thank his excellency Magufuli because we started this on 2005 nothing could move until 2018 President Magufuli came, I told him and he said ‘ohh’, you know Magufuli will waste no time, he authorized it and when Samia came we went ahead,”

He added; “I think the political and bureaucratic lashes in Africa must wake up otherwise they will be overtaken by demands of the people because the people want development, transformation. The potential is there but those in charge are not seeing it.” he noted.

The low-head, run-of-river with 16 MW on River Kagera is on the border between Uganda and Tanzania and includes dams and a short headrace and tailrace founded on largely varying ground conditions.

Additionally, Uganda’s President squashed all arguments and quarrels that rose from among different people debating on who is to use the most electricity than the other.

“If Tanzanians want to use all the electricity let them take all of it, what are we quarrelling about? they will pay for it. What are we worried about? That there is an argument about sharing the power, what are you worried about…if Tanzania needs the power more, they take it, they pay for it they will not take it free. If they wanted two megawatts originally now, they want four, they should take the four. I am authorizing it now, right here. If they want six or all the 16 take but they pay” he insisted.

“You are acting childishly, arguing nonsense. We are already exporting power from Masaka to Bukoba. We started the project of selling electricity to Tanzania during Al Hassan Mwinyi’s term and when Mkapa came, we also did the same. So, if we are selling electricity there what is its difference with here. What are we quarrelling about?” President Museveni questioned.

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