Mtwara targets 230,011 chidren in polio vaccination

MTWARA Region plans to vaccinate 230,011 under five children against Polio in the third round campaign which commences today countrywide.

The Regional Commissioner Colonel Ahmed Abbas said that district commissioners, district executive directors, and religious leaders should educate and encourage the “wananchi” to take their children for vaccination.

The four- day campaign running from September 1 to 4 this year aimed at preventing  possibility of the spread of polio in  the country  following  reported cases  of wild polio  virus  in neighboring  Malawi and Mozambique on February 17 this year and May 2022 respectively.

He warned that Mtwara Region was at risk of getting the outbreak of the polio virus if strictly measures are not taken to ensure that   all under five children get vaccinated.

“Mtwara is among the regions at high risks of getting the outbreak of polio virus and this is because the region borders Mozambique which has reported cases of wild polio virus.

He told the regional leaders to ensure parents and caregivers were well informed about the polio encouraging them (parents and caregivers) to invite vaccinators in their homes to vaccinate their children.

The RC said the government has already availed enough vaccines to the vaccination centres reiterating the need for parents and caregivers especially in areas bordering Mozambique to ensure their children receives the jabs.

He said vaccine against polio would be issued through house to house, in all Public health centres, special gatherings, churches, kindergarten Schools, stands and social markets.

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